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M2M Increases: O&G industry continues rapid adoption


Mobility is the hot demand category across the board – from consumers to enterprises and from health providers to industrial corporations, every category of computing users are engaged in and demand increased mobile connectivity. This is precisely the major expansion period for ubiquitous computing and the inclusion of all market and industry sectors underscores the full-fledged adoption and impact on both devices and chip architectures but also on the industries adopting the technologies.

M2M extends O&G capabilities

Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity includes both wired and wireless data transfer capabilities and connections between any number of devices. Issues around the remote nature of Exploration and Production (E&P) in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry underscore the important role that M2M communication has played and why this area continues to grow and extend its reach in O&G applications – whether as components extending the features of devices or as stand-alone devices for networking.

M2M has opened the ability to transmit, receive and transfer data from remote locations, whether downhole during E&P activities, or whether compiled data or field reports to be quickly uploaded and shared from remote field sites. This data sharing that can happen regardless of geographic location and without delays or interruptions in E&P activities, is significantly improving safety, monitoring, engineering and business decisions, thereby improving multiple aspects of E&P activities.

Opportunities bring new challenges

With the growth of M2M has come an increase in onboard components as well as in field equipment and a growth of devices that were not traditionally part of the E&P toolkit. While that is certainly true for many industries, and has been much more of an opportunity than a challenge, there is the need for servicing and providing field repairs for these electronic devices, especially for the non-downhole tools, which may not have the same degree of ruggedized tolerances and lifespans.

Beyond O&G though, the wider industrial sector is facing the challenge of learning how to best handle the sourcing, inventory handling, management, and internal distribution (with proper traceability and documentation) of electronic components to support their internal customers in field situations. As discussed on 4/16/13, along the semiconductor and electronics supply chain, the demand is increasing from industrial clients for turnkey services from qualified, industry accredited value-added service providers.

Turnkey services in demand

Turnkey services from leaders such as Smith & Associates, provides leading industrial clients with the expertise needed to immediately tackle proper electronic component sourcing, handling, inventory management and distribution.

While M2M connectivity is improving the ability of O&G companies to increase the effectiveness through improved operational success, as Berg Insight recently discussed, "[…] the [O&G] companies that fare best are likely going to be those that master advanced technology." This technological mastery includes not just the actual use and implementation of M2M devices and then the data analyses to improve operations, but also the ability to quickly and effectively support the needs of internal clients when device components require replacement.

Ensuring that the best-in-class quality components have been sourced, tested, properly stored, and abide by the various regulatory requirements depending on geographic location, is a complex task that takes time to master as well. Partnering with leading turnkey service providers who are also able to simultaneously provide the deep industry knowledge coupled with long-standing, industry accredited semiconductor and electronics component knowledge is the optimal solution to realize success and avoid serious pitfalls from counterfeit parts, improper storage, or problems with documentation and traceability.

Todd Burke, Senior Account Executive
Written on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 11:32 by Todd Burke, Senior Account Executive

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