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More Pre-CES Goodies: Exhibitors, Industries and Topics


Looking at the 2013 CES exhibitor list gives us an idea where some of the “hot topics” of this year’s show might be. For example, there are 280 companies being represented in the “Digital Health and Fitness” category, and about 210 companies in the “Telecommunications” space.  While the Telecommunications and Medical fields may be seen as two of the giant industries, they are also dominated by several huge companies. Though there are some emerging markets within those industries, it does not translate to a staggering number of companies exhibiting.

The fields of Electronic Gaming (500+ exhibitors), Automotive (also 500 exhibitors), and Video (about 700 exhibitors) are all established categories with a mix of strong players and up-and-coming companies with a twist on the traditional product or accessories most likely.

The giant exhibitor lists are in the Audio category (over 1,100 companies), Computer Hardware and Software fields (almost a 1,000 listings), and the Wireless and Wireless Device realm (over 1,300 exhibitors).  These topics cover a spectrum of categories (home, office, entertainment, automotive, medical, educational, and others), so it is easy to see why there are so many listings for each of these topics.

Also, there are several “Tech Zone” categories that CES has set up as potential “Hot Topics” or industries that are being promoted. Digital Health for the medical field, Gaming Showcase, GoElectric Drive and Safe Driver for the automotive industry, iLounge Pavilion representing Apple products, Robotics, Sustainable Planet, Mobile TV, and Connectivity Zones. Lots of smaller companies and startups will base their presence in these zones to help define exactly what they do and where they fit. The leading companies in these fields will either be “anchors” within these zones, or located elsewhere to separate them as an already established product or company.

Industry Exhibitors
Wireless Device 1,300+
Audio 1,100+
Computer Hardware/Software 1,000
Video 700
Electronic Gaming 500+
Automotive 500
Digital Health and Fitness 280
Telecommunications 210

Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading
Written on Monday, 07 January 2013 15:22 by Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading

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