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Electronica 2012: Let the walking begin!


The official start to the three day industry mega-ingathering, Electronica 2012, kicked off today, November 13-16, in Munich, Germany. In attendance are well over 70,000 trade visitors from over 70 countries who have come to see the roughly 2,600 exhibitors from over 45 countries and the numerous presenters speaking on the latest topics that will drive 2013 for the semiconductor and electronics industry. It is a massive place and an unbelievable atmosphere where everything electronics to be seen is on display. Smith is on the ground at Electronica 2012, and we will provide an insider round-up this Friday, at the official close of this world-class trade fair and conference.

Driving news

News and previews from Electronica have been pouring out from the industry news, of course, but one of the striking hallmarks that we have noticed here, is part of a wider trend that we also remarked on in January at CES, namely the front-and-center role that automotive is taking on at these top-bill electronics trade fairs. The automotive sector is not only considered a primary sector now at Electronica, it represents almost one quarter of the visitors to the trade fair, second only to the 40+% visitors from the industrial electronics sector, and interestingly, followed by 16% from medical electronics (noteworthy if you have been following our increased reporting of the growing medical electronics sector).

The growing importance of the automotive sector in the electronics industry is not lost on anyone, of course, and is underscored during the two-day event, Electronica Automotive Conference, being held again this year. This well-balanced event, or mini-conference, is again providing a world stage where many of the challenges, issues, and new design trends for on-board automotive electronics is being discussed and collaboratively tackled. There are many considerations to be managed with the growing automotive infotainment market, particularly addressing driving safety while providing these new inputs to those in the car, especially the driver.

To be sure, automotive electronics continues its growth for the semiconductor and electronics industry. Penetration has risen significantly to the point where many presenters have declared that the automobile is really no longer a mechanical entity, but a complex hybrid with significant electronics embedded into core designs, as discussed by many, including Freescale Semiconductor's CEO, Gregg Lowe, during his presentation, "Automotive Electronics – Accelerating Innovation."

Embedding tomorrow

November 14-15, the Embedded Platforms Conference along with Wireless Congress 2012 take over the center stage(s). We expect to see and hear much on the critical topic of embedded applications and the growing ecosystem for components, product design, testing, and execution. Additionally, the phenomenal growth and demand that continues for smart wireless devices (SWDs) is front and center at the wireless sessions and keynotes.

As always, Electronica is packed with excitement, cutting edge industry thought leadership, designs and innovative solutions that will be driving our industry growth through 2013 and beyond.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 14:25 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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