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Green Supply Chain Efforts Supports Children through Comp-U-Dopt


Greening the supply chain allows for creative solutions that can be an all-around winner for more than just the environment. Over the past several years we’ve become increasingly involved in efforts to eliminate electronics waste to landfills.  At the same time, we’ve become increasingly aware of an equally mounting problem: limited access to computers for many school children in our own hometown of Houston, TX.

Having access to a computer has become an essential component of better academic achievement for school aged children, and this year, Comp-U-Dopt  celebrated both their 500th child laptop recipient as well as their first-year anniversary in their new facilities. Comp-U-Dopt is a non-profit organization that both teaches computer skills and provides underprivileged children with their own computer for schoolwork. Volunteers work to repair and refurbish donated computing equipment and teach children during after-school and weekend hours. This time and access to a computer gives these children the necessary tools to keep up with their classmates and succeed in the skills needed in today's classrooms and workplaces after high school.

Compudopt 2

Donating refurbished computers to Comp-U-Dopt is an important corporate responsibility outreach for Smith & Associates. Not only do we keep electronics out of landfills, we provide monitors, memory, and completely refurbished computers without hard drives. These computers help children reach their true academic potentials by having a computer of their own.

"Greening the electronic supply chain is an opportunity to think creatively about how to really make a difference," commented Kirk Wehby, VP of Operations. "Not only are we following EPA and WEEE guidelines for reducing electronic waste, but we are also furthering our company's zero-landfill goals for reverse logistics. Recycling computing equipment safely means keeping it out of landfills but more importantly, through Comp-U-Dopt, we can help support children who deserve all the opportunities to succeed in their education."Compudopt 1

In the Houston area and interested in helping green the electronics supply chain and increase children's computing skills and access to their own computer? Visit Comp-U-Dopt's  website for more information and ways to volunteer or donate.

Craig Simons
Written on Monday, 23 July 2012 13:52 by Craig Simons

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For sustainability of environment implementation of Green supply chain in logistics services is essential.
niamh , August 23, 2012

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