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IDEA Implements IDEA-QMS-9090


This week I’m in Las Vegas for the IDEA Membership Meeting , where IDEA members are gathering to discuss this past year’s accomplishments, challenges we face as an industry, and the direction in which industry standards are heading.

A real highlight of the meeting is the announcement that IDEA formally introduced IDEA-QMS-9090 – the association’s latest quality management system that will have a great effect on how independent distributors and OEMs interact in 2012 and beyond.

Founded in 2003, the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) was formed to “To provide the industry with a conduit to improve the access and sharing of information and to advance industry ethics, establish standards, and promote education.” The ideals of IDEA still ring true today, and the association has continued the evolution of its industry quality standards and ethics with the release of IDEA-QMS-9090.


IDEA's executive director Debra Eggeman has described IDEA-QMS-9090, formally called Quality Management System Standard for Independent Distributors of Electronics Association Members, as establishing a set of intensive requirements so that customers of the open/excess market may easily identify those distributors with whom they prefer to conduct business based upon expectations in a standardized way.

IDEA-QMS-9090 addresses broad commercial QMS issues and practices, and helps ensure that distributors satisfy customers’ requirements not covered in other QMS standards. Eggeman said that the latest standard is not meant to replace – but to supplement – well-established and effective standards such as ISO 9001 and AS9100.

It’s encouraging to see a group such as IDEA adapting in an ever-changing industry – developing proactive solutions such as IDEA-QMS-9090 to help distributors stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Be sure that Smith will be reporting more details on QMS-9090 in the future.


Kirk Wehby is Smith's Vice President, Global Operations. He joined Smith in 2008 to head worldwide operations and quality.

Kirk Wehby
Written on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:37 by Kirk Wehby

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