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Samsung Galaxy Note: Enter the Super Phone (video)


Originally announced in September 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Note made its debut in October in Germany before making its way across Europe and Asia. Now, Samsung is preparing the 5.3" phone/tablet hybrid for its U.S. release on ATT's network for 2012.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is no slouch, packing a dual-core 1.4Ghz processor, eight megapixel camera with LED flash in the back, two megapixel camera up front, 1080 / 30p HD video recording capabilities and 16GB of internal memory, expandable by up to 32GB with a microSD card. Apps open instantly, screens swipe smoothly, and multitasking performs without so much as a hiccup. Weighing in at 6.3 ounces, the Note is a bit heavier than many smart phones, yet the weight is distributed evenly and the device feels remarkably svelte.

The whopping 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen is bright, vivid, and a joy to look at. Packing 1280 x 800 pixels, the Note doesn't quite have the pixel density of Apple's Retina Display, but you'd be hard pressed to find an individual pixel with the naked eye.

Also included is the S Pen (a stylus of sorts, though Samsung prefers not to call it that), which can be used to take handwritten notes (hence the name) enter text for e-mail and text messages in lieu of the virtual keyboard, and perform swiping gestures.

Overall, the Note is a solid device. A stunning display. Fantastic internals. Great interface. And it offers plenty of real estate to work with. Though the sheer size of the Note may cause hesitation for some, the Note is a device that should be welcomed as one of the first of its kind -- a smart phone that tiptoes into tablet territory, yet doesn't sacrifice usability in the process.

Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading
Written on Thursday, 12 January 2012 09:00 by Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading

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