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Fujitsu Makes a Splash with Waterproof Devices


Who says electronics and water can’t get along? Certainly not Fujitsu. The Japanese company has been demonstrating its waterproofing technology on its phones and tablets this week at CES, to results that have been nothing short of impressive. Despite being fully submerged in a fish tank, the demo units came away completely unscathed and fully functional, thanks to a special rubber seal that protects the delicate internal components.

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab, which is proofed at up to one meter of water, also features camera-based gesture controls, so you can interact with your tablet while it lies at the bottom of a bathtub.


fujitsu submerged

Fujitsu's line of Android phones and tablets are available only in Asian markets at the moment, but the company said it hopes to bring the products to the United States as well.

For now, we can only imagine the possibilities. Texting in the tub. Movies in a monsoon. Angry Birds in the swimming pool.

fujitsu display


arrows tab

Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading
Written on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 12:20 by Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading

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