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Sustainability and Semis: Green tech is the cornerstone for new environmental solutions


Environmental awareness and energy efficiency continue to be important issues (and features) for consumers and businesses alike.  No longer a grassroots movement, environmental stewardship is a core business strategy that saves money and resources.  Green business strategies include building improvements, lighting changes, energy efficiency, and alternative/renewable energy harvesting in concert with traditional energy sources.

While an important movement, the latest 'Green' initiatives taken by governments, businesses and consumers seek to improve the handling of environmentally harmful products and waste and improve energy efficiency to reduce the global reliance on finite fossil fuel sources.  A critical means to achieving these goals is found squarely rooted in the semiconductor industry.  Beyond properly managing electronic waste (from manufacturing or post-consumer), there are significant changes in how our industry is designing-in energy efficiency and how technology is being used to improve energy harvesting and use.  Furthermore, we see that by and large, many multinational semiconductor and electronics companies are moving up their environmental stewardship initiatives for their own facilities, in response to internal strategic goals and in some cases due to legislative actions.


Smith & Associates continues to push itself to meet the industry's latest challenges and demonstrate its commitment to leadership.  Two recent and important company initiatives have been the updating and expansion of Smith's CycleIT™ Asset Disposition program, and Smith’s Sustainable Distribution programs, as showcased by the recent and extensive "Greenovation" project to its Houston, TX headquarters.

Beyond a response to the Houston Green Office Challenge, Smith's "Greenovation" project exemplifies Smith's long-standing commitment to quality, stewardship and responsible business practices.  Smith believes that environmental sustainability is easily incorporated into all aspects of business operations, starting with internal culture.

In response to that belief, Smith has committed to protecting the environment through the decisions made every day and the procedures put into place that make Smith's business run.  The solutions for Smith have included moving to hybrid energy sources incorporating the use of solar energy and improving Smith's headquarters building to showcase some of the best and most energy aware and efficient "greenovation" solutions available today (e.g., LED lighting, environmentally responsible HVAC systems, "cool roof" designs, and electric vehicle charging stations).  Smith is also aware of the role and voice that employees have in businesses and support this grassroots knowledge through our Smith Sustainability Group.

Smith is a leader in the independent distribution of semiconductors and electronic components and committed to also leading the semiconductor and electronics industry's movement of demonstrating environmental stewardship.  By offering the highest quality of environmentally aware asset disposition, Smith's CycleIT™, and by showcasing Smith's "greenovation" projects, the idea is not only to demonstrate the feasibility of environmentally and economically beneficial changes that businesses can adopt, but also highlight the important role that the semiconductor and electronics industry plays in providing the technology at the core of these innovative solutions.

Read more about the latest Green Tech trends in the semiconductor industry here and here, through Smith's Green Tech series in MarketWatch Quarterly (free subscription available here).

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Friday, 21 October 2011 13:33 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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