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LED Shines Brightly


As power efficiency in lighting increases in demand from consumer to corporation and municipalities (streetlights, etc.), and the use of LED lighting and LED backlighting for LCD increases in penetration, the LED sector continues to grow at healthy rates.

According to recent iSuppli research, one in five flat panel LCD TVs in the US utilized LED backlighting technology.  This represents a four-fold growth rate since introduction in 2009, according to iSuppli.

These increases in penetration are, of course, seen in revenue reporting within the sector.  DigiTimes released on 4/8/2011, that four LED firms, three LED packaging houses, Everlight Electronics, Harvatek, Bright Led Electronics and one LED chip manufacturer, Lextar Electronics, each saw significant month-over-month increases in March revenues (ranging from 32-63%!).

This level of growth is not lost on companies and investment in and expansion of existing capacity is continuing.'s recent Opto/LED Fab Forecast released here underscores the growth in the LED sector, as capital equipment and fab investments for LED manufacturing and packaging continue to rise at significant levels, the majority of which is from China:

SEMI expects that LED equipment growth will continue this year to reach about $2.5 billion, a 40 percent increase year-over-year. […]

In regards to new LED fabs, SEMI recorded 19 new fabs that started operation in 2010, with another 27 new operation fabs expected in 2011. For 2012, SEMI forecasts 15 new fabs coming online next year.

OLED too is reaching a maturation stage and is set to increase penetration levels in handheld devices and mobile phones, as reported by Solid State Technology here.  In particular, the low power consumption, quick response, wide viewing angle and thinness of OLED technology makes this a very attractive solution, as underscored by the favorable reception of the iPhone screen technologies using AMOLED, according to the same study.  AMOLED is currently being released at a larger, 11-15" TV-panel sizes in Asian markets by leaders Samsung and Sony, with other OEMs to follow quickly.

Also with OLED, the primary manufacturing market is China, and the present growth rate along the OLED supply chain is booming because there are still weak points due to the newness of the technology, meaning that considerable opportunity exists.  Taken together, OLED and LED technology for multiple purposes is seen not just as an emergent technology but one that is here to stay and grow rapidly.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Monday, 11 April 2011 09:58 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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