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Japan Update - The search for alternatives


Three weeks after the events in Japan, manufacturers around the world are beginning to identify weaknesses and breaks in their supply chains. And, since information from some sectors is still incomplete, they will be learning much more in the coming weeks. As the breaks in supply become evident the search for alternatives begins.

  • Microchip is reporting a large jump in inquiries for its microcontrollers that can serve as an alternative for some Renesas product. The hard-hit Renesas Naka factory produces about 20 percent of its microcontrollers. View update
  • Freescale, which is the world’s second largest producer of microcontrollers after Renesas, is also assessing the situation created by slowed product from Renesas. View update
  • Alternative flash memory suppliers may also be sought. Slowed production by Toshiba, the second largest producer of flash, may result in increased demand for other makers, such as Micron. But Micron has stated that it doesn’t expect that for a couple of months. View update

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Written on Tuesday, 05 April 2011 15:59 by Smith Marketing

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