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Japan update - March 29, 2011


Almost two and a half weeks after Japan’s March 11 earthquake and devastating tsunami the economic news is trending toward stabilization.

  • Many electronics manufacturers are producing again, albeit some on a limited basis.
  • Raw material suppliers are also making progress toward renewed production. View update
  • Logistics are starting to normalize.  Ocean freight appears to be moving from Japan’s busiest ports – all but one of the six largest shippers is serving the Tokyo and Yokohama ports, discounting concerns of radiation. View update

And, while the long term impact of radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is uncertain, and the impact of diminished electric power production will be felt for some time, there is growing cause to look ahead.

For electronics manufacturers everywhere, plans for the future should include an added measure of caution in sourcing components from suppliers affected by the events in Japan.  This is because history and experience have shown us that counterfeiters will take advantage of situations like this. Read more

Supply chain disruptions, gaps in component production, rising prices and shortages, unfortunately, offer opportunities for the introduction of counterfeit product.  Now, more than ever, dealing with reputable suppliers is critical.

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Written on Tuesday, 29 March 2011 13:24 by Smith Marketing

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