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Cyber Business: The cart or the horse?


With the US's Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenetic shopping days now behind us (although some e-tailers have extended their Cyber Monday deals through lunch on Tuesday, just in case), what can we deduce for the coming month's holiday electronics purchasing in North America?

This question has me thinking about the broader industry shifts that are rooted in the impact of always-on, anywhere access.  As reported here by, and as many of us know, our smart wireless devices (SWDs) have provided us with the ability to surf for whatever we want to, whenever, and wherever we may be.  With marketers well aware of this, new SWD applications (apps) and various SMS and email marketing tactics have descended upon our collective SWDs since well before last week's traditional opening of the holiday shopping season.  With the ability to get instant 'walk by' bonus deals and 'shopping guidance' delivered to your SWD while shopping, there is an advantage for retailers to compete for consumers and a complimentary lure for consumers to ensure their SWD is capable of providing them with these deals and extra coupons (cf. this article from - not to mention being able to engage with the new mobile gift cards (cf. here).  So, which is the horse and which is the cart here?  The device or the service?

Regardless of the answer, one benefit is certain, demand is holding strong for SWDs; most notably, smart phones and tablets, as detailed here by (cf. here for a summary of Gartner's look at tablets vs. PC sales).  This demand is trickling over to other electronics as momentum for new 3D gadgets of all genres (cf. here) and other feature-rich, handheld, electronic devices for the mobile consumer and their equally mobile and plugged-in children are also faring well thus far (cf. here for the latest in automotive WiFi). 

How strong is 'strong'?  We might have to wait a few more weeks to know the definitive answer.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Tuesday, 30 November 2010 10:22 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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This was a season where the people are getting busy because of the fact that Shopping is always been the activity of all during Black Friday.
This year, Black Friday shoppers decided to overwhelmingly use instant cash instead of credit cards. The last few years have shown just how dangerous debt can be. Americans have been shying from it, and using their own money. In fact, the decline of credit and rise of fast money was dramatic. Card use declined by 50 percent since last year.
edwardL , December 03, 2010

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