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August Memory Outlook


During July, pricing on computing DRAM decreased - about 15% in DDR2 and 8% in DDR3. gDDR decreased 25%. Falling prices enabled consumer electronics makers to cut their costs for DRAM - on everything from DDR1 chips to graphic DRAM. With SDRAM, DDR1, and DDR2, shortage demands contributed to increased sales volumes. Demand for NAND Flash was sparse, but NOR Flash was very active as delivery continues to be a problem for Numonyx and Spansion.

August normally ramps up back-to-school shortages on the computing side. However, financial troubles in the EU and, to some extent, China, have caused many computer manufacturers to re-vamp their initial demand forecasts. So for memory it may be more of the same this month.

Todd Banker, Memory Commodity Manager
Written on Monday, 09 August 2010 17:13 by Todd Banker, Memory Commodity Manager

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