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LCD Notebook Panel Shortages Expected 2H10


Typically, the price of notebook panels softens during this time of the year, but that has NOT been the case so far.  Pricing is still firm overall and some models have actually increased.  Another round of price increases is anticipated for early fall if the expected 2H10 shortages materialize.

Presently, the pricing on below models is trending up with some difficultly in supply: 

  • 15.6 LED BV
  • 14.1 CCFL BV
  • 14.1 CCFL AG
  • 17.0 CCFL BV
  • 17.3 LED BV

We hear from the LCD notebook manufacturing side that they already have a full production schedule for Q3.  We are seeing priority on large production run LED product; CCFL models and older LED models needed for aftermarket are not a priority.  Therefore, shortages on these CCFL and older LED models are to be expected in 2H10.

Layla Wright
Written on Wednesday, 09 June 2010 11:30 by Layla Wright

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