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World's Top EMS Sellers: MMI's annual listing underscores 2009 trends


Manufacturing Market Insider (Vol. 20, No. 3) just released their 2009 "Top 50 EMS Providers" list (based on sales). Of course, the top 10 providers were relatively unchanged: Hon Hai (Foxconn), Flextronics, Jabil, Celestica, Sanmina, New Kinpo Group, Venture, Elcoteq, Benchmark Electronics, and Plexus, ordered from first to tenth in ranking, respectively.

All of the top 10 EMS providers experienced negative growth during 2009, "producing a sales decline of 15.0%. [...] the top 10's sales of [US] $117.7 billion represented 88% of the Top 50 total in 2009." (MMI Vol.20, No.3 pp.1-5). Of course, the "Hon Hai Effect" continues to influence these numbers, as Hon Hai's sales alone for the same period were US $59.3 billion (unconsolidated), or roughly 44% of worldwide sales. Without Hon Hai, the Top 50 global sales for 2009 fell by -21.8%, as opposed to -14.9% with Hon Hai included (ibid, pp.1-2).

These interesting worldwide EMS sales data underscore the impact of the global economic recession on the EMS industry and some of the trends that we've been monitoring at Smith's MarketWatch. Of particular note, aside from the rankings, is the continued diversification strategies being employed by the Top 10 EMS providers, also updated in the same issue of MMI (pp. 6-8): Flextronics is increasing their solar module production services in addition to the production of a Blackberry Curve smartphone model for RIM; Hon Hai is moving more aggressively into solar battery modules in addition to increasing their build capabilities in Blu-ray disc players and drives (for Sony, especially); Elcoteq was recently chosen by Phillips Lighting to be a global partner in solid-state lighting; Jabil recently signed a joint agreement with AuthenTec for smart keypads for mobile phones; among other EMS business news detailed by MMI.


Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Monday, 12 April 2010 07:26 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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