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Broadband Fuels Growth


In the US this week, the Federal Communications Commission issued a plan for making broadband service more ubiquitous and more robust. Specific goals include: Download speeds of over 100 Mbps for at least a third of the US population; access to service of at least 1 Gbps for all communities; an interoperable broadband wireless network for public safety officials across the country; and a smart network for managing energy consumption. Since release of the report, analysts and commentators have been mining it to determine who the winners will be and where the problems lurk. Issues like cost, security and impact on established service providers will need to be explored. Fortunately for electronics manufactures, the benefits of this plan are pretty straight forward. A more ubiquitous broadband network will not only fuel increased demand for network infrastructure equipment, but is will accelerate innovation in product development and consumer demand for the tools and appliances that utilize broadband. It will stimulate individual and business consumption alike. That's a lot of new business up and down the electronics value chain.

Mark Bollinger
Written on Friday, 19 March 2010 15:41 by Mark Bollinger

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