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Tablets and 3-D Markets: Medical electronics leverages new devices


Tablets, 'toughbooks', 3-D laptops and displays have dominated the industry news and analysts' blogs lately.  But, the question remains, what will adoption be by consumers given the tepid consumer economic climate?  One answer that shines positively in favor of these newer devices' adoption, and therewith success, is their use in the medical electronics market.

At this week's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 10 (HIMSS 10) conference, the electronics industry is in full display to aide heathcare in pushing farther into the electronic records, electronic check-in and billing kiosks, mobile networking and field care settings, patient monitoring, thin-client mobile workstations, and new procedures.  Not only new and dedicated medical electronics devices are on display, but also improved battery solutions, nanotechnology, sensors and the applications for these critical technologies.  A nice review of some of the top devices for more mainstream adoption is presented here by Channel Web.

Additionally there is the consumer end of medical technology, whether for patient monitoring (self or automated reporting, such as this example).  Interestingly, in this sector much as we've seen with automotive electronics, the established companies are starting to feel the impact of new entrants to these markets as diversification is still par for the course in tepid waters.  We at Smith's MarketWatch will be watching the momentum and marketplace jostling.

As mentioned, and of particular interest to the MEMS and NEMS sectors, medical electronics is showing some exciting advances from nanotechnology to mobile devices and the funding from governments, such as the US ARRA among others.  Coupling this governmental support for medical electronics with the need to support these low volume high mix and highly precise markets we are seeing the medical electronics market becoming a beacon for many, as presented above.

Another variable worth watching in the medical electronics market is the geographic diversification: will medical continue to be the dominant domain of European and American companies or will the field spread out more as more players enter?  For more on Europe and medical electronics, be sure to readthis article in Smith's recent MarketWatch Quarterly.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Friday, 05 March 2010 09:09 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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