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Chip forecasts and the role of new consumers: From Davos to Delhi, thanks to Beijing


There are many bright chip forecasts out there right now, and with good reason; the data from multiple sources indicate that these positive forecasts are warranted.  Yet, there are financial analysts and some economists still leery of a double dip recession (cf. here (IMF), here (Roubini), and here(SeekingAlpha) for some recent views), which, yes, would logically negatively affect the semiconductor industry.

The lynchpin necessary to avoid such a double dip is not the US, but China.  It is the Chinese monetary and fiscal policies that are critical to the continued forward momentum for the global economy, as seen expressed by The World Economic Forum, which held it's annual meeting last week in Davos, Switzerland.

The Davos Forum was a critical event not just for the global economy but also for semi: China reaffirmed that it is committed to "continue with accommodating fiscal and monetary policy, and make sure we have smooth macro-management, [...]. We are shooting for roughly 8% or 9% GDP growth rates," according to Zhu Min, Deputy Governor of the People's Bank of China as quoted in this transcript from the Davos Forum.

It is China's continued stimulus policies that support the broader trends in the global economy presently.  Particularly important is the driving role of emerging markets such as China and India with their significant consumer demand for handsets, computers, networks, and the infrastructure that promotes increased overall semiconductor demand, according to yesterday's SIA release.  As George Scalise, President of SIA, stated, "with improving consumer confidence and signs of economic recovery around the world, the semiconductor industry is well positioned for growth in 2010." (Ibid)

For more information and Smith's perspectives on these topics, including our recently  released MarketWatch Quarterly, consider our discussion of the semiconductor industry and the latest news about the global economic rebound here in this MarketWatch Commentary section.  In the last issue ofMarketWatch Quarterly, we provided a more detailed review of China's geo-economic policies and role in the semiconductor industry here, and in this earlier piece, a review of the US stimulus policies.  Finally, we considered the role of new consumers and new electronics products for consumers in the latest MarketWatch Quarterly released last week to subscribers and next week to the public here.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Tuesday, 02 February 2010 00:00 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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