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CES Day 2 -- "Always on"


Broad based optimism at CES, from the exhibitors, attendees and commentators, points to a strong 2010 for the electronics industry. As Smith's CPU Commodity Manager, I've been particularly impressed with the diverse end-products I'm seeing that will fuel strong CPU demand. Common among such diverse products as tablets, smart phones, handhelds, e-readers and even automobiles (check out the Lamborghini below) is the push for "always-on" functionality. Connecting devices to the web for continual and immediate web-browsing looks to be standard for a range of devices. At the component level, this of course means that cellular chipsets that combine processing and broadband connectivity are poised for significant growth.

Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading
Written on Friday, 08 January 2010 15:53 by Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading

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