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Windows 7, an Engine for Demand


Today was the release of the Windows 7 Operating System from Microsoft.  As the Smith & Associate CPU Commodity Manager, I'm not a big follower of software, but an advancement in Operating Systems has traditionally been a boon for sales and production in PCs.  It's pretty widely recognized that Vista never caught on and with that the normal life cycle and turnover of systems missed a beat.  A successful new OS is more than due at this time.  A new OS should help push companies and individuals towards upgrades to their systems, and new systems.  As I watched the Microsoft pep rally and product release this morning, several things caught my ear.

As anyone with an iPhone or Mac knows, the ease of use from Apple products is amazing, and it seems as if Microsoft has finally accepted consumer encouragement, and made the new OS much simpler.  As great as Apple may be, it still has a slim piece of the computer market compared to the Windows based platforms that rule the market.  It seems like the advancements in hardware are finally being met on a larger scale by the king of software.  This should lead to a much stronger product and increased sales of overall systems.  During the demonstrations, I watched as a new Nikon camera was wirelessly connected with a Dell PC.  I watched the same PC control a Toshiba LCD, a Western Digital DVR, and a small picture frame.  Microsoft has partnered with thousands of manufacturers to make their new products Windows 7 compatible, and recognizable wirelessly...  To see a person running his PC with this ease is refreshing.  The combination of Windows Media (think DVR menu on your PC), Multi-touch (think iPod or iPhone on an LCD), Play2 (think Netflix streaming to any TV in your house from your PC), and other breakthroughs that should make this OS everything that Vista wasn't...  Accepted.  And with it, strong demand for all the components that go into the PC.

Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading
Written on Thursday, 22 October 2009 00:00 by Todd Traylor, Vice President, Global Trading

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