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When the Bottom is a Blessing: Time for smart options


While we've been tracking the indicators in this commentary space for a few weeks now, the final blessing has come from Bernanke that the US economy has hit its bottom.  Of course, social beasts like economies like to have these blessings, so, in response ,the US dollar edged higher in currency trading.  That's not necessarily the best news for the electronics industry, but right now, I think most of us would rather take some currency hits and call the recession over than the inverse.

As most analysts caution, the recovery is unlikely to be a V-shaped recovery.  Even though slow and steady will be the name of the game, we are seeing a slowing in the unemployment numbers, increases in the services industries, which is good for the general economy (cf. Kathy Lien's post today, 5-5-09), and as reported here last week, consumer confidence and manufacturing numbers are both looking up as well.  All good.

So, what's interesting for the electronics industry?  Well, if people are starting to shop again, let's sell them what they want!  Last month, we looked at the smart and small yearnings of consumers, anything new?  Hitting the end-product electronics news in the past few days are the rumors of Apple's Media Tablet here and here; Amazon officially announces the new Kindle here and pictures leaked here for tomorrow's formal announcement, it's just what we've been hearing about through the academic testing ground for electronic textbooks for months now; the Acer - Asustek battle is heating up over netbooks and pushing the envelope on these new, successful devices here and here; in the mobile space, new relationships are still being formed to provide the most cutting edge mobility to the business sector with Cisco, RIM, Palm, Apple, Motorola and service providers Verizon & AT&T all tussling about; the automotive infotainment sector R&D didn't take a nap during the downtime; and even more of the retail electronics can be seen in posts from RetailVision.

It's starting to feel like Christmas in July might not be that far off the mark...

 HERE is one analysts' view of Kindle 2.0 and here's Amazon's own updated release, now that it is official.  AND, here is the Kindle DX, in case you have about $500 handy.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Tuesday, 05 May 2009 00:00 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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